We like to say advertising in The Mariner is “affordable and effective”. The Mariner is a magazine custom made for the Marina del Rey boating community and prides itself on quality stories and photographs of marine related happenings of the Los Angeles area. With its glossy pages and color cover, The Mariner is a widely read publication that can be found hanging from the fences of nearly every basin in the Marina for easy pick-up. It can also be found at all the yachts clubs, local chandelries and stores where boaters frequent.

We circulate 5000 issues a month and have a very devoted readership. In addition to stories, coming events, race reports, classifieds, fishing reports, editorials and an “Ask the Expert” column, The Mariner acts as a Rolodex for local tradesmen and Marine retail outlets in the area. We hope to see you in the pages soon.


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